Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bad news, good news, it more or less evens out

There isn't much to report on Part Dos of the battle to get my refund.

The bad news is I still haven't gotten the refund check.
     The good news is the creative fiction, and I love a good story, told to explain it. When was the last time anyone forgot to put a stamp on an envelope?

The bad news is I still haven't gotten the refund check.
     The good news is it's supposed to be here via Priority Mail today.

The bad news is I can't hold my breath all that long. 
     The good news is... Well, I don't have any good news to counter that one.

The bad news is I spent an uncomfortable amount of money yesterday.
     The good news is I got some cool gear for the RV: a low tech washing machine, a higher tech dryer, an average tech slow cooker, a talking tire gauge, and an anti-suicide power-checker thing.

See how things even out? A talking tire gauge is almost good enough to wipe out the missing refund.

I just learned about the power line monitor. Who knew that I could fry myself if I plugged in the RV's power supply to an incorrectly wired outlet? I suppose I'll learn about all of this as time goes by, but something like that would flatten the learning curve in a flash. Ha ha. Pun intended. Andy Baird is a full-timer who's generous with all kinds of RVing information and I read about this problem there, as well some of the gear that's shipping as we speak.


Thought for the day: Ordinary riches can be stolen from you, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you. (Oscar Wilde)