Sunday, June 30, 2013

Out of the frying pan

One day last week I returned to Grace after work to find the air conditioner off. I did the switch-flip routine that I learned how to do for $90 plus gas a while back, but it didn't restart the a/c. Nor did it turn the refrigerator back on or give me overhead lights. In fact, anything that has to have 12 volt power is nonoperational. This wasn't too bad; there's a community fridge I can use in another building that I toted everything down to, I still had power in the outlets so I could run a fan, and I had a good supply of batteries for flashlights.

But when the temperature hit triple digits this week I knew I couldn't put it off anymore. 

It was miserable and even though it cools off nicely overnight, I still had to get from quitting time to pretty late in the evening before the temp got tolerable inside Grace. I juggled some working days to be able to take a few days off and made haste for Tucson on Friday evening. Once again imposing myself on a friend, I hope to, have to, get the problem resolved.

I again took beautiful highway 77 but because this time I didn't get pulled over for speeding, I used the time I would have spent with a trooper to take a few pictures at Salt River Canyon.

Late afternoon sunlight cast such a soft, lovely glow on the canyon. I'm glad I stopped.

Driving this road makes this six hour trip something to look forward to, but here's the irony: I left 110 degrees in the park for this in Tucson:


Thought of the day:

The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders. (Edward Abbey)