Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going to Marathon

I hung my hat in Marathon, Texas for a couple of nights when I went to Big Bend National Park. It's a cute little town with lots of friendly people, and the campground was only about $20 a night. That's a bargain. I'll show you the town another time, but just look how nice this little independent motel is.

I love old signs and have found the best ones in the southwest, where it's dry and they don't rust to shreds. Think back to the time when having television was a big deal, and that gives you an idea how old this sign is.

This building houses the reception desk. The young woman who works there also works evenings at the Gage Hotel just down the road. I went to dinner there one night and my server said he drives 30 miles each way to work to put himself through school in Alpine, the home of Sul Ross University.

A closer view of the character of the little door in the side of the building. Note the detail: not just the pots on the roof, but the detail on the pots on the roof.

There's a lot of public space on the grounds. If the weather had been warmer I would have taken advantage of the plentiful seating everywhere.

The grounds were beautifully maintained, which was a factor, along with the more than reasonable rate, in my deciding to stay an extra night or two.

Beautiful, isn't it? It's one side of the courtyard through the entrance above.

There wasn't a fire this day, but can't you smell something - anything - good coming from that oven?

 Pedro's wholesale and retail ice. It's another nice old sign.

There's a website that I often check for decent campgrounds to stop at, I've contributed several reviews of my own and rely on it for real users' honest opinions. Processing these photos tonight reminded me that I haven't reviewed the Marathon RV park yet, and I need to get to it. I'd stop here again for sure.


Thought of the day:

The reason a lot of people don't recognize opportunity is because it goes around wearing overalls, looking like hard work. (Thomas Edison)