Monday, October 13, 2014

Two cats in a car for four days. Lord, have mercy.

I'm flying to Madison tomorrow to pick up my cats. I had them with me when I was thrown out of left my house and was traveling in Grace, my conversion van. They were miserable and I asked my younger kid to come to Petrified Forest to get them and take them home with him. They've done really well there but he can't take care of them now and I'm going to get them.

So I'm flying into Milwaukee, to be exact, driving to Madison, loading the car with some things he's been keeping for me, like my teapot that he had made for me, my food processor, pasta machine, and his KitchenAid mixer and heading out very early the next day. Gosh, does it sound like I like to cook? I actually had a KitchenAid of my own but it was one of those things that technically went missing when Voldemort moved my things from Washington to my son's house, but I can put two and two together and I know where it really is. My son has generously turned his over to me and I am generously giving him my handheld KitchenAid in exchange.

One-way car rental rates are punitive to the point of sadistic. I'm renting what's known in car-rental parlance as Compact, one step up from Economy, and I'm paying just short of $1000, not including insurance, for four days' use. That's about 1800 miles in four days' driving. Why don't I take an extra day or two? Because $1000 divided by four days is $250 a day.

One good, really good thing, that's coming out of this trip, in addition to getting my girls back and seeing my son, is I'm going to be able to spend some time with my friend Cheryl, my Drifting Grace friend I met at the North Rim. She lives directly on my route and has offered the use of the guest room for the night.

Here is the prize at the end of the rainbow, my girl cats, Hyacinth and Rose.

Hyacinth of the golden eyes.

 Rose, who favors being in bags and boxes.

You might wonder how I can tell them apart. Silly question! A mother always knows.

Thought of the day:

Dogs have masters. Cats have staff. - Anon.