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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Whaddya do?

So what do you do when, in the year you turn 60 and your life seems pretty set and if not perfect, at least it's a known entity because it's the life you've been living for three and a half decades, you find yourself single? What do you do? I've been swinging around the K├╝bler-Ross stages of grief, that's what I've been doing (although I am so done with the Bargaining stage), but time waits for no woman. When you're 60 it's not only not waiting, it's giving nudges from behind. Cruisingat60 came to me in a moment of Profound Enlightenment when I lighted briefly on the Acceptance stage and I realized I have to keep moving and by that I mean forward. So here I am, doing my best to keep on keeping on in this year of Big Changes. Thank God menopause is over; wouldn't that be hell thrown into the mix?

The problem with moving forward is that there should be some destination, or at least a moving target to aim at. After wishy-washying my way through a few options, I've decided to aim at time on the road. I've always loved a road trip, so today I gave a total stranger $300 cash to hold a camper van for a week while he gets it inspected and I get the money together. He seemed nice enough.... 

Yes, indeed, it will be me and two cats in a 20 foot conversion van, full-timing it hither and yon. I'm building up a disorganized cache of places to go and things to see on Pinterest, and hope to see every one of them and all the places in between. Join me, won't you? Well, not in the van. Sorry.