Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Field trip!!!

Yesterday, as part of seasonal training given to new employees and volunteers, the staff paleontologist took us on a vastly interesting and wow! factor tour of the park. I can't possibly begin to tell you everything he said, not only because of the volume of information he passed along but also because I don't remember it. Oh, to have my buddy Melvin's memory. Fortunately, there were handouts that I'll have to refer to a lot.

The walking part of the tour was to Jasper Forest, a favorite of his (let's just call him Bill because that's his name). Of course it's not a forest; there are a scarcity of trees here, but what is does have is an abundance of petrified wood in a rainbow of colors in sizes from pebbles to large boulders.

In a few brief, shining moments a couple of nights ago, I was able to get the holy grail: a wifi connection while I was sitting in Grace. For once I didn't have to sit outside the post office on a folding chair, wrapped in fleece. It lasted one evening and into the next morning but since then it's been as elusive as warmth in a landlord's heart. I have 15 good photos from the field trip that I will post tonight, whether I have to take a mini field trip to the post office or lounge in the luxury of Grace's upholstery.